Friday, November 27, 2009

the color yellow and other adventures(never mind just the thing about yellow )

Today I was playing pool with cousin A and B and cousin B was winning. Then there were about 8 balls left and B went for the yellow 9 ball. He hit it in then scratched it so he pulled it out. A hit his next ball in. Then B hit the yellow ball in then scratched it. So the game went on and not much happened. Finally there were 2 stripes and 1 solid and the 8 ball. B shot for the yellow and the yellow hit the 8 ball in and he lost the game all because of 1 yellow 9 ball.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

uuuuuuuum hello?

Okay its really embarrassing to blog after this long. I'm not sure anyone checks my blog anymore. So if your reading this please comment. I have decided I am going to cancel top three songs of the week. I will keep adding songs but not weekly.  
 I feel like no one ever reads my blog because the largest amount of comments I have gotten is 6 so I would like to see if y'all could double that. Well there's a lot to cover so here is a summery of my life since my last blog. I had a 5 week intensive dance program Monday-Friday. I went to a week long camp and went on a hike at 2:00 AM it was actually really fun. I went to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and  Canada. School started and at the end of term I had 104% in art. I signed up for my schools M.E.S.A (math engineering science achievement), and now I am in my dance studios version of the Nutcracker.
-Happy Thanksgiving