Thursday, February 26, 2009

top three again!

Okay as you can see I am doing top three today. I have two Fiona apples today they are "Never is a Promise" and "Shadowboxer",and "Love for a Child" by Jason Mraz.
I played soccer to day at recess and I kept hitting this one girl with the ball! First I hit her in the face(owee) then i stepped on her foot(wait that's not the ball) then I hit her leg like really hard. I feel so bad!
I had a stupid math test today, but I finished it which means I don't have do it on tomorrow! Yay!
The poll is going down in a couple days so if you haven't voted yet then VOTE!
(Hey do you guys like these paragraphs?) Did you guys know I have never gotten more than 6 comments? I think that is very strange.
So vote and comment!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


            I am soooo bored! I’ve been going through old posts and realized

            #1 that I have not been blogging as consistently as I thought. I get lazy.

            #2 they have started getting shorter and shorter and shorter. I get lazy. Again.

            #3 Okay is any one else getting bored whit this? Oh that’s just me I never indent paragraphs. And yes those where supposed to be paragraphs.

            And #4 I blog about Smokey more than almost any thing except apparently school? I don’t know what’s the deal with that.

            So I'm going to work on all of those except the one about my kitty. Oooooh! I just thought of something to blog about!

            Any one read the among series by Margaret Peterson Haddix? The first book is among the hidden. It’s good its about the future (shiny!) so in the future before the book there are big droughts and no food so they made it a law that no families could have more than two kids. So basically the government and population police control every thing like what you can and cant grow and if you break the population law the kid and parents were killed. Luke is an illegal third child or a shadow child who lives on a farm in the forest and so he has to stay hidden which is easy when there is no one around but then the government starts to build houses around them for the Barons du du duuuuuuuuuuuuum. That’s when the book gets good.


random day!

random random random!
sorry dudes i forgot to post randomness day yesterday so here it is!
hey any one want to see more smokey pictures!(no) who said that!?
here they are!
him looking at his picture

heres a lot of him just playing with me and me bro

Friday, February 20, 2009

random-tomorow top three today

Sorry I don't write very much! OK so tomorrow is randomness day! hooray!
And today is top three oh the week. Okay I just decided I was not going to do categories any More. #1 is "Come Together" by the Beatles, #2"Extraordinary Machine" by Fiona apple, #3"You and I Both" by Jason Mraz. I'll get those on my play list over the next few day.
okay bubye now!

Friday, February 13, 2009

top threeee oh yea

     Okay you might have noticed but I put all of the top threes on the play list at the bottom of the page-ish above the daily Picasso painting (its been on the same one for three days!) Kay and here are this weeks songs. The theme is song that are ALL over the radio. Well at least when I’m listening. "Love Song" by Sara Barreiles, “The Show” by Lenka, and "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. 


      Okay today my grade went roller bladeing and on the bus I was listening to love story on random persons ipod and then the bus driver turned the radio on and it was love story. Then when we got there they played it while we were skating. When we were there I learned I'm not good at those skates that have the double wheels


     And I was about to trade them in for in-lines but the lady said my school was leaving in five minute so I freaked out I was going to get ice cream. I could see the bus and one of the classes was lined up and there was a line so I just left and I sat on the bus and waited, and waited, and waited for like 20 minutes I swear! Finally the other classes came on.  

      I'll try to get this weeks songs on the play list in the next couple days 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

valentines day!!

Only 4 days! Ive been counting down now for what like a month now? Okay we're doing this thing at school called snow balling were the guys ask the girls to hold hands and skate around the rink. It kind of scares me, But still i wonder who will ask me. If any one asks me.
I had dance yesterday we are doing Swan Lake for the preformance this year. Its the first week of april right before Easter.
Oh and last week I didnt do top three so here are last weeks. The theme is(dramatic pause) okay I actually can think of one so here are the songs. "Starlight" by Muse, "Parting Gift" by Fiona Apple, "Letterbox" by They Might be Giants.
kay thats all for today sorry the spell checker wont work so yea.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

instuments and school and randomness

wow i just realized haven't one randomness day in forever! so its today. i started piano yesterday and i might take drum lessons too later on. and hey people please don't advertise you blog is in the comments please! okay a few weeks ago yea said weeks i went to a pine wood derby here are some of my favorite cars. if you cant read the one on the bottom left (which you probably cant) it says "flying fudge-sickle" these ones are my brothers the red one is last years winner and the blue one (shiny shiny) is this years second place winner. okay vote peoples!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

hey people

I put up a poll. its for my aunts book it closes in 1 month so vote vote vote!(please don't vote twice people)