Sunday, June 6, 2010

No more school!

Summer finally came! I don't have to wake up early anymore! In the fall I have to go to a new school though. Tear, sniffle, sniffle. One of my teachers wouldn't sign my yearbook because she didn't believe I was leaving this year. double tear, double sniffle. I dont even get to go to the school that I wanted to go to next year.
Anyway, this Thursday is camp! I am going boating and hiking and hanging out with all my new friends (new because I just moved). I cant go on the hard hike because I am not old enough yet. It sounds so cool! It involves repelling 110+ feet and free-falling and swimming. It sounds so cool. Stupid law suits.


  1. Tear tear sniffle sniffle. :-D

  2. I keep checking and no blog. Tear tear, sniffle sniffle. :..(

  3. thats because only family comments or shows any sign of life on my blog.