Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a cup school of and a pinch of dance

At dance on Monday I did a weird thing to my knee and it feels weird when I bend it so yesterday at school I was walking up a hill that's like 10 miles long and it started hurting again it was weird because when i woke up it felt fine and now it hurts again. Any body know what that might be? I found when the science fair project is due! February 15. Yeah not as close as I thought. Hey people I am going to change the background so tell me if you like the old one or the knew one Kay?


  1. Let me try to translate...kneeitus (although it probably should be spelled "knee-itis")is the name of a disease that dad made up. Paisley is a pattern you could use in your background (which I also think would be quite cute). Leave it to Dad to speak in code...

    Much Love,