Friday, January 2, 2009

randomness day

The freeway by my house is so annoying i can't stand it one bit whenever i sleep the cars always honk and it really bugs me i mean A LOT!!!!! the worst is when there is like a poice car with its siren on! You may think I'm weird but i don't care today is randomness day yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i have randomness day once every two weeks. OK my cat smokey is weirder than his picture we call him the bat/dog/baby/grandpa cat. he will chase anything then run away from that thing. and he actually likes to wear little shirts because they keep him warm. oh and every week i have my top three songs of the week. this weeks songs are Gracekelly by Mika, pop in music and lyrics, and too much food by Jason Mraz. please tell me some songs you guys want on the list next week please I'll try to get them in somewhere. school starts next Monday its going to be torture! does any body know when the science fair is? i haven't even started i probably should have. any body have any ideas for the science fair? the snow has been melting a lot since christmas. i went skiing on tuesday i had to wake up at seven it was like school already started. skiing is fun though. i finished a six book series in a week and a half! i always run out of books really fast. so tell me some songs please.

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  1. Lily, I love your blog. Man, you have a lot of thoughts rambling in that big brain of yours. Keep it up. Put more water pictures up--I love those.