Friday, February 13, 2009

top threeee oh yea

     Okay you might have noticed but I put all of the top threes on the play list at the bottom of the page-ish above the daily Picasso painting (its been on the same one for three days!) Kay and here are this weeks songs. The theme is song that are ALL over the radio. Well at least when I’m listening. "Love Song" by Sara Barreiles, “The Show” by Lenka, and "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. 


      Okay today my grade went roller bladeing and on the bus I was listening to love story on random persons ipod and then the bus driver turned the radio on and it was love story. Then when we got there they played it while we were skating. When we were there I learned I'm not good at those skates that have the double wheels


     And I was about to trade them in for in-lines but the lady said my school was leaving in five minute so I freaked out I was going to get ice cream. I could see the bus and one of the classes was lined up and there was a line so I just left and I sat on the bus and waited, and waited, and waited for like 20 minutes I swear! Finally the other classes came on.  

      I'll try to get this weeks songs on the play list in the next couple days 

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