Thursday, February 26, 2009

top three again!

Okay as you can see I am doing top three today. I have two Fiona apples today they are "Never is a Promise" and "Shadowboxer",and "Love for a Child" by Jason Mraz.
I played soccer to day at recess and I kept hitting this one girl with the ball! First I hit her in the face(owee) then i stepped on her foot(wait that's not the ball) then I hit her leg like really hard. I feel so bad!
I had a stupid math test today, but I finished it which means I don't have do it on tomorrow! Yay!
The poll is going down in a couple days so if you haven't voted yet then VOTE!
(Hey do you guys like these paragraphs?) Did you guys know I have never gotten more than 6 comments? I think that is very strange.
So vote and comment!