Saturday, March 21, 2009

16th century super-man lives!

Okay so yesterday in my character class we tried on costumes (again, third time) so I have a prince costume and yes it has puffy sleeves and a cape and is green I just wish it had a sword and boots. (I am in the ball)so my name for it is 16th century super-man (or 16th century Dracula, either one)it is sweetness so once I decided I liked it of course they just made me switch with some one. So for a while this would have been called some thing like "16th century super-man/Dracula is no more" but then they decided one night I was going to be super man/vampire(seriously when you do the cape thing with the whole good evening you turn into Dracula) and one night I am a princess (the thing I originally wanted) which of course means I have to learn the dance from 2 different places.
Of course i forget to do the top three last week so here they are, one is "Viva la Vida" by Cold Play, "Bleeding love" Leona Lewis, "Remedy" by Jason Mraz

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