Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bus ride oooooooooooh scary

       So are any of you guys wondering what that means yet? Okay. Its a long and epic tale it begins about a half hour ago when I got on the bus...
      I got on and started reading and random dude who's name is now Bob sits by me. We got to my stop(it never takes long cause its the first one) and I didn't notice so I just sat there reading and Bob pokes me and says, "Yo dude isn't this your stop?" I say, "oh yea" and I try to get out(I am used to the person sitting by me to get off the same stop I do so I was waiting for him to get up). Bob scoots over and I nock his back pack off the bench in front of me I run as fast as I can(but like Bob EVERYONE has their back packs on the edges of their benches and back of benches) so I don't get far before the bus driver starts driving again(keep in mind that I am at the back of the bus) so I say"I have to get off here!" and I am basically running(there are more backpacks hanging off the sides of benches at the back of the bus than at the front and the bus driver stops. You have NO idea how fast you go when you are first moving with a gigantic bus and it stops moving! I basically flew to the front and almost through the wind shield. Are you wondering where my book is in all this chaos? No? Well it is safely in my arms until I get off the bus and put it in my back-pack.


  1. Lily, I knew all that reading would get you into trouble someday! No more Lily projectiles o.k.!

  2. Cool blog lily!!! It's Emma, from dance. What you did sounds like something I would do(that's why I don't ride the bus... even if my school had one and I needed one)!!!
    That rehersal was boring huh? Well... bye!

  3. hi very funny by the way. this is erika from school. was i on the bus that day?

  4. Yea like thats gonna ever happen again Eden!