Tuesday, March 3, 2009

top three top three top three!

This weeks are all by Taylor swift so here they are "The way I loved you", "Picture to Burn", and "Breath" those will be added shortly to my play list.
The poll ended with the The Echo Lives in black foot in first! Yea! That was my personal fave. So if you didn't vote for that your gonna get it!(Imagine me shaking my fist)
I am going into Jr. High! I am soooooooo excited!! My one friend says she is scared(you know who you are) but I'm not that scared. or am I? You may never know. Well you will I'm mostly excited i am just scared about me falling horribly behind. and every one calling me a sevy. But not that much.
I have been trying to post but yesterday I got my pupils dilated at the optometrist. So I couldn't read I can still barely read right now with out getting a head-ache.


  1. Sevy sevy sevy sevy! Just thought the best way to get past your fear is to face it. Sevy!

  2. you clearly dont know me very well do you