Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay I think I am getting better at blogging...I think. Well for now. So I didn't do top three for last week so I am going to now "Loathing" and "Popular" from Wicked and "Come Together" by the Beatles. 
And know I have a funny story! First I was playing dogz computer game and my mom called me up to do laundry and so I did my laundry and my sister finishes making dinner. So I go and eat this REALLY good home made macaroni and cheese and there is a feint howl in the back round. No one notices it for a while. then it starts to get louder. We check on our dogs to make sure they are okay, of course they are so we go inside. HOOOOOOOOOWL. I go and check alone. they are perfectly fine. We are all searching the house to figure out what it is. So now is when I decide it is coming from a completely different direction. So I wait for a howl I go to were it seems like it is coming from and I come to the window. Nothing is out side. I wait "Howl!" and I realize it is coming from some were around the computer room I go in there and look out the window. It howls again from right behind me. I turn around and face the computer. it was my DOG from the GAME! what the fudglets! I had forgotten to feed my computerized dog! ugh! 
so have a good week and turn off your video games.


  1. I thought it was funny that we even checked to see if the cats were howling!

  2. Hahaha, that was funny Lily!(this is still Emma from dance, although I think that should show up.)

  3. I listened to your cool tunes for several hours at work today! :-D

  4. danno-
    who is bubbly? if you mean colbie caliat then yes.
    i dont know either